Improving Your Communications Strategy in Italy

Original Content. Creating unique, dedicated and original contents enhances your communication strategy. The ‘copy and paste’ is ineffective, it doesn’t value the message, decreasing the quality of your story and your investments in digital communication.

Planning. A long-term strategy that starts from content planning, based on resources and tools available, is the prerequisite for an effective communication activity. The development and the set-up of editorial plans for newsletters, press releases, articles and similar material is the basic structure of the overall strategy.

Media Relations. The constant comparison with industry professionals, journalists, bloggers and influencers allows us to prepare customized and useful material for publication. Act as a reliable source of original, trendy, updated and credible content is an approach that, once consolidated, realizes the efforts in made in media relations.

Opportunities. Staying up to date on meetings, trade fairs, events and industry conferences (in Italy, but not only) provides maximum visibility on communications opportunities and the latest trends. Ideas for PR campaigns and specific initiatives.

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